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At CAMD, we’re always looking for new ways to grow—for emerging patterns in our professional fields, untapped interdisciplinary links, and bold avenues to teach, learn, and engage with the world. From course offerings to Dialogue of Civilizations destinations, there’s always something different to explore. Take a look.



Assistant Professor


Sara Jensen Carr holds a PhD in Environmental Planning and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. She also holds a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Tulane University. She practiced professionally in New Orleans, both before and after Hurricane Katrina, an experience that spurred her interest in design for social and physical resilience. Her work explores the intersections of public health and the urban realm, with an approach that encompasses ecology, economy, technology, and social systems from macro to micro scales. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa and she has taught previously at the University of California, Berkeley.

Assistant Professor


Jana Cephas holds a PhD in History of Architecture and Urban Planning from Harvard University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Detroit, Mercy, with a focus on Urban Design and Community Design.  Her work explores the history and theory of urbanism (1800 to the present) with a focus on urban design, preservation planning, technology, and social and spatial justice. Since 2015, Jana has held a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship from the University of Michigan, Michigan Society of Fellows, where she is also appointed as an Assistant Professor. She has taught previously at Harvard, Northeastern, and the University of Detroit, Mercy. She is currently completing a book, Fordism and the City: How an Industrial Aesthetic Shaped Detroit and the Urban Imaginary.

Assistant Teaching Professor


Mary Hale has a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Brown University and a Master of Architecture from MIT. She has previously worked for Enterprise Community Partners, a non-profit organization focused on affordable housing production, where she was a program coordinator for the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship and the Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute. She subsequently worked for prominent Boston architectural firms, including Shepley Bulfinch Architects and Goody Clancy Associates. She has taught previously at the Boston Architectural College and she has served as a co-instructor and teaching assistant at MIT. Mary currently runs her own practice that is focused on architectural installations and material exploration. She has received numerous design awards and residencies over the past ten years, including an AIA Associates Award in 2015 and an Artist Residency at Earthdance in 2017.


Taught by Professor George Thrush

The course will expose you to the world’s leading thinkers and designers in fields as varied as software, business, entertainment, branding, information design, and all manner of communication.  Top designers and innovators will explain how they solve multiple challenges at once, and how design thinking brings so much value to the contemporary marketplace.

This NU Core course (Arts Level 1) is open to all Northeastern students, and captures the essence of the University’s interdisciplinary approach to education.

Designers integrate and represent new mixtures of ideas and procedures. Come learn how they do it!


Student Testimonials:

“Great understanding just how far the extent of design is present in everyday lives and how looking from s design aspect helps to understand and open one’s eyes to the details of everything around us.” 


“A truly interesting class. Probably the…most useful class you could possibly take. George is a riot and the guest lecturers are so knowledgeable in such a vast variety of subjects. Would highly recommend this course to anyone in architecture or any other field for that matter.”


“The professor is clearly well versed in the field of design and was able to link the ideas of design to a variety of majors and disciplines.”