Charlie Lazor

Co-founder, BLU DOT

Charlie Lazor co-founded the furniture design office BLU DOT in 1997 with his partners, John Christakos and Maurice Blanks. Blu Dot’s work has been recognized for its precise and often inventive use of materials,fabrication technology and assembly methods to produce furniture that is elegant, playful and accessible.

In 2003 Charlie founded LAZOR OFFICE to pursue a broader spectrum of design programs and scales, including architecture and environments. The FlatPak pre fabricated building system is one of our first design efforts. At LAZOR OFFICE our mantra, “seek holistic solutions to complex problems”, governs our work. A successful design is not a pretty form. It is a rigorously developed condition that extends the user’s potential to achieve their goal. This begins with identifying key needs and problems through a
process of observation and analysis, then developing a form that seeks to synthesize the complex whole into an elegant, holistic design solution. We feel that when a holistic design comes into being, beauty emerges and that is beautiful.


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