Mark Hutker, FAIA

Principal and Founder, Hutker Architects

Hutker Architects

A registered architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Mark A. Hutker is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture and Art with a Bachelor of Architecture degree (1982).  After working with Jon McKee in Boston, Mark joined Dunn Brady Associates in 1985 on Martha’s Vineyard.  Mark purchased the firm in 1987, and renamed it Hutker Architects to focus his craft on “Heirlooms Worthy of Preservation.”  Possessing over 25 years of experience with residential, commercial, institutional and public projects across the country, he has developed a firm of more than 36 talented, experienced Architects and Designers. They have, under Hutker’s tutelage, developed a complete understanding of New England’s natural and historical environment.  A personal and professional goal of Mark’s is to see Hutker Architects establish within the Northeast, a New Regional Vernacular that defines an epoch of American architecture.  This approach emphasizes the quality, craftsmanship and material ethics developed at the early part of the last century.  While clearly responding to the contemporary social structure of today’s family, these heirlooms remain timeless for use by future generations.

Particularly dedicated to design education, Mark is a long-standing Director and co-creator of the Lyceum Fellowship []which was founded in 1985 and awards annual travel fellowships to architecture students.  Mark has served as a speaker or member of design juries for Residential Design and Construction, Build Boston, Residential Design Awards Jury, Custom Home Design Awards Jury, Design Leadership Summit, Boston Society of Architects’ Interior Design Awards Jury and the Un-built Design Awards Jury.

Mark has served on various civic associations and was the Governor’s Appointee to the Dukes County Regional Housing Authority where he served for 5 years, Commissioner of the West Tisbury Historic District Commission for 9 years and the Board of Island Elderly Housing for 17 years.  In 2008, the New England Design Hall of Fame inducted Mark as an Honoree []. Mark’s first book, Heirlooms to Live In; Homes in a New Regional Vernacular, was released in August 2010.  Currently, Mark is a member of the Board of Falmouth Academy and is head of the Facilities Committee along with serving on the Executive Committee.  He is the liaison for the Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) with the Boston Architectural College, helping to create a net zero affordable housing prototype.  In 2013, he was asked to sit on the Northeastern University, School of Architecture Advisory Council.  He and his family live in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

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