Weaving Complexity

This case study begins by examining the historical context of the neighborhood in Boston, MA in which the ArtBlock, a development of artist live/work spaces and market rate housing, is sited, known as the South End.

Transitions of Trust

This Case study intends to explore the events that led up to the development of the Crosstown Center project at the busy intersection of Melnea Cass Boulevard and Massachusetts Avenue. This area is known as a “gateway into Boston” due to direct access from Routes 93 and 90.

What Advantages to Local Architects Bring to the Realization of Monumental Buildings?

Often, a “big name architect” is selected to design a building of grand scale. The legacy of the success of these buildings is often carried by the name of the architect who designed it, blinding out ability to truly judge without bias. This case study looks at what happens when a local firm is chosen instead, and in what ways it more successfully addresses this set of criteria. This is a case study to uncover and understand how good architects see their designs realized.

Overcoming Adversity

This is a case study of how a development team responded to changes in the intended plan of a design, including finances, material cost, labor cost, market trends and team changes throughout the design and construction process and a critique of their ability to adapt.