Industrialized Housing Delivery Ecologies / Ivan Rupnik For much of the last century architects have ‘dreamed of a factory made home’, designed according to their specifications. Meanwhile the building industry has industrialized according to its own logics, with nearly 25% of all residential construction in the US being classified as ‘modular’ or ‘prefabricated’. Using a […]

Beacon Yards: De Novo Urbanism

The Beacon Yards: De Novo Urbanism Research Studio focused on the urban design issues raised by MassDOT’s proposal for the redesign of the Allston/Cambridge interchange of the Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston. After studying the complexities surrounding the site, ten graduate students worked with Tim Love to produce a comprehensive master plan for land owned by […]

Resilient Coastal Leisure Environments

Building upon the previous semester’s research, a new team of graduate students has delved further into resilient coastal leisure environment strategies, utilizing two sites as case studies.

Urban Manufacturing Districts

This publication focuses on how architects and urban designers can better impact the conception, planning, and design of manufacturing facilities as part of a healthy mixed-use urban neighborhood.

Innovation in Urban Healthcare

This book catalogues the research of the intersection of urban building typology, new modes of healthcare delivery, such as the CVS Minute Clinic, and new opportunities for integrating healthcare services with other urban uses to create a new kind of urban environment.

Efficiency: An Analytical Approach to Tall Office Buildings

This publication has been prepared as a part of the 2013 Master’s Research Studio in the Northeastern University School of Architecture. All research and content in this publication has been produced by the “Efficiency: An Analytical Approach to Tall Office Buildings” studio research team in collaboration with Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill LLP.

Air Rights

Construction over air rights parcels offers the potential triple benefit of increasing density in prime locations, concealing unsightly and noisy infrastructures, and establishing connections in the public realm. In Boston, there are 23 rights parcels along I-90 (aka. the Mass Pike or Turnpike) that, despite several attempts, are yet to be developed. Why?

Resilient Coastal Leisure Environments

A team of researchers in Portugal, Croatia, and Boston have been considering how future tourism development might better be leveraged to create more resilient coastal environments, using Algarve and Dalmatia as comparative case studies.