ARCH 3170: Architecture, Infrastructure + the City

This studio acknowledges the enormous impact– some good, some less so– of the large-scale urban transformations of the 1960s. The course begins by juxtaposing traditional “figure-ground” urbanism with the more object-focused heroic space-making of the post-war era. Projects included analysis of Boston’s Government Center district; a new urban design proposal for that area grounded in contemporary building types and deferring to market-forces as well as good urbanism. Finally, students design a small public institution to fit into this larger real estate-driven landscape. The studio explicitly addresses new ways to design for public benefits within a private structure.

ARCH 3170 Architecture, Infrastructure + City Syllabus

Fall 2016

Jack Corriveau

William Fox

Mariya Lupandina

Michael Deitz

Sergio Jimenez