Courtyard Housing

The work contained within this publication is drawn from the Fall 2009 Northeastern University School of Architecture ARCH 5110 Housing and Aggregation Studio. All work was produced by fifth year architecture students, for whom the focus of the semester was infill courtyard housing in metropolitan Boston.


Northeastern University School of Architecture housing studio focuses on a different type of housing every year, from courtyard housing to high-rise multi-family buildings. In this particular housing studio, students focused on reinterpreting the rowhouse for modern urban life.

Urban Energy Systems

The intent of this year-long research and innovation studio is to interrogate the important contexts and systemic operating logics of the production, manufacturing, infrastructure, and performance of architecture as the source for innovation that condition contemporary built environments.

Prefab City

There is a disproportionally high number of prefab buildings (especially residential homes) in rural settings. Our research, therefore, has purposefully limited looking into this well-documented area of prefab in order to explore and eventually identify the challenges that are unique to urban environments.


Live/Work spaces are appearing at an alarming rate throughout the country. While many live/work projects have appeared throughout history, what defines these spaces as live/work today? Our study is divided into three basic parts: definitions, an analysis of the sub-types, and the future of live/work.