Subsurface Urbanism

As a city responds to its environment, it grows either outward, upward or both. This book focuses on underground construction as a response to urban development.

Precast Concrete

This book looks at the structural system of precast concrete through a discerning lens. The authors have decided to examine the process inherent to this building material instead of creating a survey of precast concrete use.


This book is divided into three main sections: guest, services, and design, each of which has subcategories. These include Amenities, Guest Sequence, Back of House, Service Sequence, Configuration, and Rooms and Style. Each of these subcategories has been thoroughly researched and a series of “packages” or collections of commonly paired hotel options are defined in each chapter.

Urban Retail

In the not so distant past, the rise of the shopping mall captured retail and pulled it into the suburbs where rent was lower and automobiles were prevalent. This make the shopping mall the de facto standard for retail. In more recent years, retail has returned to the city center making the urban experience dependent on the retail experience. The city provides the individual store more opportunities to make a sale; there is more money per square foot due to the density and also more pedestrian traffic, aka window shopping.


The purpose of this book is to define the essential design criteria for architects conceptualizing new parking structures.

Dialogue of Civilization, China 2010

A comparative Study of Contemporary Chinese and Western Models for Architecture, Urban Design, and Development.

Shaping Contested Projects for Tomorrow’s Metropolis

Northeastern University’s School of Architecture, in collaboration with the Akademie der Künste in Berlin, hosted an international conference on the changing relationship of public participation to architecture and urban design in Boston and Berlin.