Resilient Coastal Leisure Environments

Masters Research Studio 2013-14
Building upon the previous semester’s research, a new team of graduate students has delved further into resilient coastal leisure environment strategies, utilizing two sites as case studies. The Troia-Comporta-Carvalhal peninsula, one of the single largest development zones in southern Europe, provides an excellent case study in privately initiated tourism development, while the Jelsa Spatial Plan, in contrast, is an ideal case study of a municipally driven initiative. In both case studies, students have utilized their new skills in data analysis and projection and information design, combined with their professional training in architecture, to identify opportunities and define strategies for better leveraging publicly and privately initiated tourism development to better serve local communities, contributing to their future resilience.

Publication Part 1

Publication Part 2

Mahsa Montazerolghaem

Kat Schneider

Amanda James