Shaping Contested Projects for Tomorrow’s Metropolis

9 April 2013
Pariser Platz

Northeastern University’s School of Architecture, in collaboration with the Akademie der Künste in Berlin, hosted an international conference on the changing relationship of public participation to architecture and urban design in Boston and Berlin. Drawing on the expertise of architects, developers, journalists, and other stakeholders, this event focused on this under-studied aspect design in our age.

There has been significant growth of public participation in decisions affecting the architecture since the 1960s in Boston, and since German reunification in the 1990s, an extraordinary number of large urban design choices made in Berlin. The experiences of these two cities, however, have been very different, and each provides useful insights into a way forward as the collective challenges of identity, historical character, environmental performance, and economic viability.

The all-day conference was divided into three panels; one on establishing criteria, methods, and processes for public review, a second on the experiences of Boston, and a third on the controversies of Berlin.

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