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Akademie der Künste & Northeastern University

“Culture: City” Exhibition Program

9 April 2013, 10:00 – 18:30, Pariser Platz

Symposium: Draft Program



10:00 Chair   Introduction
10:15 George Thrush   Bringing Transparency to Controversy
10:30 Wilfried Wangh   Design Review, Design Controversy
10:45 Ruth Conroy Dalton   Analytical Methods
11:15 Theresa Keilhacker   Participatory Process
11:30 Discussion
12:30 Lunch

Part 1: Boston

14:00 Chair: George Thrush   Introduction
14:15 David Hacin   Boston’s South End
14:30 Tim Love   Boston’s Greenway
14:45 Paul McMorrow   Boston’s Downtown
15:00 Discussion   Moderated by Thrush, with Hacin, Love, and McMorrow
15:45 Coffee/Tea Break

Part 2: Berlin

16:00 Chair: Wang   Introduction
16:15 Frank Barkow   Emerging Urgencies: Re-imagining Tempelhof
16:30 Kaye Geipel   Plans for Tempelhof
16:45 Christoph Breit   100% Tempelhofer Feld
17:00 Discussion   Moderated by Wang, with Barkow, Geipel, and Breit
17:45 Final Discussion   Co-moderated by Thrush and Wang, with all participants
18:30 End   Reception, roof terrace


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