Student Clubs & Organizations

Stu­dents in the School of Archi­tec­ture have access to architecture-focused groups, orga­ni­za­tions, and projects that are not only deeply vested in the very same top­ics being cov­ered in-class but cre­ate an impact for the cam­pus and local community.

OFFI­CERS 2019-2020


  • PRESIDENT   Kathryn Platt
  • VICE PRESIDENT/Studio Culture   Alex Bondi
  • Vice President/Speical Events   Osimhe Enike-Ekhelar
  • SECRETARY/PR   Adele Biehl
  • TREASURER Anita Goharfar
  • WEBMASTER   Sterling Yun
  • GRADUATE REP   Estuardo Villatoro

The North­east­ern chap­ter of the Amer­i­can Insti­tute of Archi­tec­ture Stu­dents is open to all archi­tec­ture stu­dents, who are encour­aged to par­tic­i­pate in its many activities. AIAS organizes field trips to local firms, arranges portfolio reviews, and holds software tutorials for any students interested in participating.


Follow our chapter on our web site facebooktwitter and tumblr!

OFFI­CERS 2019-2020

  • FBD CO-DIRECTOR   George Hajjar
  • FBD CO-DIRECTOR  Julia Barksdale
  • FBD PROJECT MANAGER   Josie Cerbone
  • FBD K-12 OUTREACH COORDINATOR   Sarah Erritouni
    Olivia Johnson

National Organization of Minority Architects Students


  • PRESIDENT Gloria Mobolaji
  • VICE PRESIDENT Angel Pollydore
  • TREASURER Madha Nawal
  • SECRETARY Anu Atoyebi
  • CULTRUAL LIAISONS  Molly Gagnon + Lexi Onigbanjo

The students of the School of Architecture organize a Student Advisory group each year, made up of representatives from each year. The Student Advisory Board is charged with communicating student concerns to the administration of the school and the college.


The group meets in the studio and is open to all students of the school.


Representatives 2018-2019


Carson Dallas
Laura Gomez
Anahita Mojahed
Arina Novikova
Lily O’Doherty
Kathryn Platt
Shawn Sullivan
Juliana Urban
Danica Woo


Taylor Herman
Brian Contois

CAMD Peer Mentors 2018-2019


Sarah Francoeur
Ellen Eberhardt
Bianca Rabbie
Danica Woo


Peer mentoring fosters connections between upper-class and new students that will inspire and support them throughout their first semester experience. Peer mentors are advocates for their community and guide new students in forging connections, setting and accomplishing goals and finding new opportunities on and around campus through the sharing of personal experiences and by leading meaningful and motivating activities.