Studying in Boston

The School of Architecture at CAMD is fortunate to be located in the heart of Boston—a unique city that is both old and new, displays diverse and distinctive architectural character, with some of the most globally renowned buildings, landscapes and urban designs and has one of the highest concentrations of professional architects in the world. Boston is our urban laboratory.


Part lab space, part playground

Here, students of the craft enter into a community that is rife with creativity and steeped in history. They gain insight to the practical application of architecture not only from our passionate professors, many of whom run successful practices in the area but from some of the leading architectural minds in the country on co-op and by attending lectures and cultural events on campus and around town.

In addition to the vast network of industry connections and professional opportunities it provides, Boston itself is a case study in the importance of architecture to designed environments and urban sustainability. A growing coastal city which has undergone multiple stages of dramatic change, Boston reflects and unveils many of the challenges that cities face in the process of modernizing to meet the needs of society and the world throughout history and into the 21st century.

Boston is a living, breathing laboratory of urban, architectural, and landscape design. It’s home to seminal landscapes such as the Emerald Necklace and buildings by the most renowned designers in modern history. It’s a staging ground for infamous urban infrastructures like Boston Harbor and urban transformations like the Big Dig and the filling of the Back Bay and numerous pivotal social movements that changed the built environment. Our students gain invaluable insight into the life cycle of urban environments and firsthand knowledge of global issues in the field—all unfolding in real time and in our own backyard.