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New and notable Spring 2014 courses

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The Department of Art + Design offers unique special topic courses each academic year, in addition to regular our upper level courses in various disciplines. For help with registration, please email Judy Ulman.

ARTE 4901 A + D Special Topics: Video & Social Change
CRN 36559
Taught by Dr. Alessandra Renzi

Video can play a vital role in social transformation. This hybrid lecture/studio course will explore the ideas and processes that turn video into an agent of change while providing an opportunity for students to explore social and political issues through the practice of video production. We will consider a variety of theoretical approaches to societal change and to the potential of video for a politics of visual representation, critical analysis, community organizing, and empowerment. We will familiarize ourselves with how activist media makers draw on video formats and techniques such as documentary, film, video art, animation, video essays, animated info-graphics, DIY and grassroots video, and community TV.  Students will have the opportunity to watch videos and discuss the production process with guest filmmakers. This class is designed to give students the critical theory and conceptual tools to produce their own video during group projects and assignments. The final works will be screened at the and of term at Northeastern Centre for the Arts.  “Video Basics” course is not required to attend this class.

GAME 2200 Games and Learning
CRN 35774
Taught by Shree D. Subramanian
Video games are more than an entertainment medium: they engage players in critical thinking, literacy and scientific practices. In this course students will analyze game mechanisms that support learning, review canonical works on learning and cognition, develop game concepts and digital (or analog) game prototypes.


Courses with availability:

ARTD 2360 Photo Basics  | CRN 30785

ARTD 2362 Photo Tools | CRN 30874

ARTD 4570 Animation Studio 2  | CRN 36575

ARTF 1124 3D Foundation | CRN 30394

 ARTG 3351 Time-Based Design | CRN 30770

ARTG 4550 Contemporary Directions in Graphic Design | CRN 33898

ARTH 5100 Contemporary Visual Culture | CRN 35093

ARTS 3449 Drawing in Mixed Media | CRN 32234

ARTS 4541 Interarts | CRN 30769

IM 4701 Interactive Media 2 | CRN 32240