Our com­put­ers are upgraded and aug­mented to match changes in cur­ricu­lum, tech­nol­ogy, and software. All com­puter labs pro­vide access to Adobe Cre­ative Suite, and advanced ani­ma­tion soft­ware such as Maya and Mud­box, Google Sketchup Pro, Microsoft Office, and other appli­ca­tion packages.

  • Hours are posted out­side each lab.
  • Report tech­ni­cal prob­lems to the Tech­ni­cal Director.

301 Ryder

Mac work­sta­tions; in addi­tion to the stan­dard soft­ware found on all Art + Design labs, com­put­ers are equipped with Pixo­logic ZBrush and other ani­ma­tion soft­ware. Several Wacom Cin­tiq dis­play tablets are avail­able for stu­dent use in the lab.

303 Ryder

Mac work­sta­tions and 23/24″ displays.

324 Ryder

Mac work­sta­tions.


Cost-effective print­ing on black-and-white and color laser print­ers (up to tabloid size) is avail­able. Student-accessible print­ing is also avail­able in the Snell Library’s Dig­i­tal Media Commons and around campus.