Dig­i­tal Facil­i­ties and Equipment

  • Apple 21″ & 27″ com­put­ers
  • Epson 3200 scan­ners
  • Epson 750 Pro scan­ners
  • Epson 4880 17″ wide for­mat printer
  • Epson 7880 24″ wide for­mat printer
  • Epson 9900 44″ wide for­mat printer
  • 50 Nikon DSLR cam­eras with assorted lenses
  • 4 Canon 5D Mark II Full Frame cam­eras
  • Nikon D810 full frame cam­era
  • Nikon D800 full frame cam­era
  • Nikon D600 full frame cam­era
  • Nikon Lens List
  • Canon Lens List
  • GoPro Cameras with various mounts
  • Lens­Baby lenses for Nikon and Canon
  • Nikon and Canon Speedlites
  • Profoto, Calumet and Gen­e­sis portable strobes
  • Pro­foto stu­dio strobe kits
  • 15 LED lighting Kits
  • Assorted Backgrounds and Grip equipment

Ana­log Facil­i­ties and Equipment

  • Black-and-white film pro­cess­ing dark­room with 6×7 and 4×5 enlarg­ers
  • UV expo­sure units
  • Dry­mount press
  • Light tables
  • 35mm SLR cam­eras
  • Holga 120mm cam­eras
  • Has­sel­blad 500CM and ELM bod­ies with lenses
  • Cambo 4×5 cam­eras with lenses, light meter, film hold­ers, and tri­pod
  • Toyo 4×5 field cam­eras with lenses, light meter, film hold­ers, and tri­pod
  • Cambo 8×10 cam­era with lenses, light meter, film hold­ers, and tripod

Equip­ment Signout

Stu­dents enrolled in photo classes are able to bor­row or return equip­ment from the Photo Lab Cage dur­ing its hours of oper­a­tion. (Usu­ally 9 to 5, Mon­day through Fri­day; please check sched­ule for exact hours.) Equip­ment sign outs are for 24 hours dur­ing the week, or over the week­end. It is the student’s respon­si­bil­ity to return all equip­ment when it is due. If you will be late return­ing equip­ment, call the Co-op, and a $10 per item/per day late fee will accrue. An ID card will be required in exchange for equip­ment rental. You are respon­si­ble for any loss or dam­age to bor­rowed equip­ment. Fail­ure to com­ply with these rules may result in loss of the priv­i­lege to bor­row equip­ment, or to use the photo lab facil­i­ties. Learn more about the Pho­tog­ra­phy Lab’s Equip­ment Sig­nout Guide­lines.

Epson Print­ing Guidelines

The Photo Lab can print images on its Epson print­ers based on print­ing pro­to­cols. Print­ing ser­vices are depen­dent on the avail­abil­ity of the staff and the printer sta­tus. Please allow 24 to 72 hours for your prints to be avail­able. Learn more about the lab’s print­ing ser­vice in the Epson Printing Guidelines.

Dark­room Procedures

Dark­rooms are only avail­able by special appointment.