225 Shillman

The Media Studios serve as hands-on video and audio training facilities for all CAMD students. The studios were recently upgraded. The space and equipment are utilized to create live television programming and to edit a wide variety of video projects.

Along with 2 TV studios and control room, the facilities comprises of 27 cutting-edge workstations supporting Avid Media Composer, Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro, as well as an in-house Avid server.

Field equipment such as HD camcorders, DSLR video/still cameras, microphones, tripods, LED light kits, video monitors, and audio recorders are available to students.

The studios also house a professional music and audio recording facility. A cutting-edge Motion Capture system that utilizes 18 cameras to detect and encode objects and motion without traditional body sensors is available to students.

For more infor­ma­tion, con­tact Ron Starr, Media Studios Manager at 225 Shillman.

240 Shillman Green-screen Room

Special effects work requires a facility for removing or keying out the background behind the actors. The green-screen room allows students to capture live action footage using high definition digital cameras.