Our Visiting Artists, Designers, and Professionals program is a longstanding tradition of providing our students with an opportunity to learn about current and emerging trends in art, design, and related areas. Through these class-room discussions, lectures, and workshops, students are exposed to contemporary national and international artists, designers, and professionals who are innovators in their areas of expertise.


  • Steve Badanes, Artist
  • Linda Beaumont, Public Art Artist
  • Louis-Philippe Demers, Interactive Media & Robotics artist
  • Beth Galston, Artist, Sculptor
  • Mags Harries, Artist
  • Lajos Héder, Artist
  • Billie Grace Lynn, Kinetic Sculpture Artist
  • Laura Kalman, Artist
  • Neil Leonard, Sound Artist
  • Hou Liping, Artist
  • Pam Longobardi, Painter, Photographer
  • Maria Magdalena Campos Pons, Artist
  • Chloe Piene, Artist
  • Rachel Perry Welty, Artist
  • Mark Reed, Artist, Founder
  • Karlis Rekevics, Sculpture Artist
  • Botond Reszegh, Artist

Art History/Visual Studies

  • Tom McDonough, Art Historian


  • Paul America, CG Artist
  • Jeff Kleiser, CEO and Co-founder, Special Effects Artist, Producer, Director
  • Terrence Masson, Director, Special Effects Artist
  • Michael Mattesi, Animator
  • Scott McCloud, Special Effects Artist, Technical Director, Author
  • Gary Schwartz, Artist, Animator, Educator
  • Wang Lei, Animation Film Maker, Educator


  • Rick Callahan, Founder
  • Carlota Duarte, Artist, Photographer
  • David Hillard, Photographer
  • Stella Johnson,  Photographer
  • Beatrix Reinhardt, Photographer
  • Jim Stone, Artist, Photographer
  • William Wegman, Photographer
  • Joel Peter Witkin, Photographer

Video Arts

  • Abigail Child, Film and Video Artist, Author
  • Kevin Jerom Everson, Video Artist
  • Rufus Butler Seder and Meredith Bak, Film and Video Artist

Game Design

  • Ken Arnold, Game Designer, Co-creator
  • Seth Sivak, Game Designer

Graphic and Information Design

  • Jake Barton, Designer
  • Cyrus Highsmith, Designer
  • Mikro Ilic, Designer
  • Laura Kurgan, Designer
  • Krzysztof Lenk, Graphic Designer
  • Manuel Lima, Designer
  • Christopher Pullman, Design Consultant, Former VP for Design
  • Nolen Strals, Designer
  • Jer Thorp, Designer
  • Bruce Willin, Designer
  • Dietmar R. Winkler, Artist