Information Session

Art in Ireland Information Session

Join Mira Cantor for the last Information Session to learn about Art in Ireland during Summer of 2014 Dialogue of Civilizations program. Only 5 seats are left!

IRELAND: Studio Art, History, and Culture in Ireland

Dialogue of Civilizations | Ballyvaughn, Ireland

Faculty Leader: Mira Cantor (

Study Abroad Coordinator: Colleen Boyle (

Term: Summer II


  • ARTE 2500 Art + Design Abroad: Studio – Art Studio in Ireland
  • ARTE 2501 Art and Design Abroad: History – History and Culture in Ireland


This is a 4 weeks studio hands on experience where students are provided a studio to create a project using any art medium. The first week is very structured by the faculty. Students will participate in a series of exercises, hike, listen to lectures and discuss readings. Weekend: to Aran Islands. The second week students discuss their projects and begin working on them. There are intense critiques every other day by faculty. Weekend :a day at the Galway Arts Festival. The third week the work continues with Celli dancing and lectures in between. The fourth week we prepare for the final exhibition of all student work.  Weekend: Dublin

Watch a video of the Ireland trip.

“Aside from experiencing the culture, I experienced something much more fleeting…Time.
I could feel it, as strange as that may sound. Having the opportunity to immerse myself in this landscape and then be able to create responsive work in my own studio is something I’ll never forget.”
–Muus von Walter

Wed, Jan 22, 2014

5:15 pm

399 Ryder Hall