Branding in Chaos with Ted Nelson

Join Ted Nelson, a renowned branding strategist, for a discussion that questions the status quo in the marketing world on Friday, November 13 at 11:45 am in Ryder Hall room 399.

Ted is a very hands-on CEO and Strategy Director, and one of three founding partners who conceived and launched Mechanica. His responsibilities include contributing to the building and management of a next-generation business model and organization, as well as general strategic oversight across Mechanica’s clients and their businesses.

About fifteen years ago I gave a talk at the annual Account Planning Conference in Boston titled “Branding in Chaos.” Its focus was on calling into question many of the “rules” for creating profitable brand and marketing programs that us positioning pros have been schooled in since Day One. These rules that I was calling into question included the idea that strong brands are best established based on the branding trinity of “Trustworthiness,” “Consistency” and “Value.” The talk struck a chord, and led to a series of subsequent client, thought leader and practitioner conversations on how strong brands are created in an increasingly “chaotic” context. The idea of “chaos” was based on the proliferation of distribution channels, the hyper acceleration of innovation cycles and the splintering of the mass market into an infinite number of niche audiences. In a chaotic context, it gets nearly impossible to “command and control” your audiences to embrace your brand’s point of view. And the “Unique Selling Proposition” rapidly gets replaced by a much more fluid series of customer interaction and engagement opportunities.


Fri, Nov 13, 2015

11:45 am

Ryder 399