Artist in Residence

Mitch Weiss – Artist in Residence

Mitch Weiss is a fine art and commercial photographer. His artwork resides in private collections around the globe and he photographs regularly on commission for patrons, national advertising campaigns, and magazines.

Specializing in high-end portraiture, Weiss has captured some of the most iconic faces in the world today, from Lady Gaga to Annie Leibovitz. The setting of subjects against his signature black background creates a meditative atmosphere that suspends time and focuses the viewer on the quintessence of each subject, stripping the celebrity from the famous and the mundane from the ubiquitous object.

As part of his residency at the Northeastern Center for the Arts, Weiss has been commissioned to create a series of photographs that abstractly represent the College of Arts Media and Design during Spring 2014.  Weiss’ photographs will explore symbols, scale and materials to express the individuality of each discipline contained within the college. Mitch Weiss is a graduate of Northeastern University’s College of Arts, Media and Design. He received his Bachelor’s of Science in Art with a concentration in Design.



Wed, Jan 08, 2014-Fri, May 02, 2014