If your organization has an immediate need, please contact our co-op coordinator, who can publicize the opportunity. our students are interested in both national and international opportunities.

Students in the Art + Design program apply their skills to co-ops in various professional environments– including galleries; museums; game, animation, and artist studios; media outlets; advertising agencies; start-ups; and corporations. Many conduct their co-op in the greater Boston area, but some pursue opportunity in other parts of the country and abroad.

Featured Employer: Boston Beer Company

When you’re enjoying a pint at your local bar, you may take little notice of the carefully branded designs that surround you: menus, promotional banners, publicity for giveaways and special events. These items are part of a hard day’s work for two Northeastern graphic design co-op students. They create up to 70 designs a day for Boston Beer Company, a leading brewer of a variety of beverages, including Sam Adams, Angry Orchard, and Twisted Tea. While on the job, the students put their typography and design skills to work, while learning about branding, marketing, and the legal aspects of the industry.

The co-op was a success for students and supervisors alike. “I learned a lot about informational hierarchy,” said one student. “I got to know the brand guidelines of the company and how to stay on brand while still representing the accounts. I got a ton of experience in dealing with clients and vendors and meeting deadlines. I learned how to better manage my time in order to produce quick but high-quality work.” The employer was delighted with the students’ performance: “It was great to have them here and I’m glad they enjoyed the experience. We really want to make sure they are in a great learning environment that also calls for hard work and fun.”