College of Arts, Media and Design Class of 2020

Welcome to the CAMD Class of 2020 Digital Hub

This is a central place, first and foremost, to celebrate you, the graduating students of the Class of 2020! You have all accomplished so much, and we want to acknowledge and recognize your hard work – despite the challenging circumstances we are all navigating together. In addition to a hub for celebration, this is also your source of information as new details and information emerge about any future celebrations. We hope this page will bring the Class of 2020 together, albeit virtually, to celebrate, connect, and continue to be the amazing and vibrant CAMD community we always have been. Congratulations!

On Friday, May 1, we held a virtual celebration for our graduates via Zoom. That celebration is available to watch on Facebook. Please visit our page (@NortheasternCAMD) or click the image below.

Faculty Award Winners

Excellence in Teaching Award

Since joining Northeastern University in 2008, Professor Hoppmann has taught more than 100 classes across 20 different courses. He serves as coordinator of the department’s popular public speaking program, and his courses are among the most popular in the department. Professor Hoppmann has also designed one of Northeastern’s most popular and successful Dialogues of Civilization, which leads students to Vienna, Brussells, and Amsterdam to study human rights communication, the rise of European fascism, Nazi propaganda and rhetoric, and modern reasoning.

Excellence in Teaching Award
Professor Laboy is widely recognized by her students and colleagues as an innovative and dedicated educator. Her research-led teaching focuses on building systems, advanced architecture research and design studios. She consistently applies energy, passion, and attention to students in the classroom, studio, and lab, where she uses innovative technologies and methods to make her teaching a superb learning experience. Recently, Professor Laboy has taught advanced courses that include Technical Lecture Course and Advanced Graduate Studio (ARCH 5120).

Excellence in Research and Creative Activity Award
Dr. Harteveld has quickly become one of the world’s leading voices in game design and analytics. His research focuses on using games to study and improve decision-making in order to advance knowledge and engage a broad cross-section of people globally about critical societal issues. He is a proponent of integrating research and education and a significant portion of his work is devoted to translating research outcomes to the classroom or informal settings to prepare the next generation to address the societal challenges of the 21st Century.

Excellence in Research and Creative Activity Award
Brooke Foucault Welles studies how online communication networks enable and constrain behavior, with particular emphasis on how these networks mitigate and enhance marginalization. Much of her work is interdisciplinary and collaborative, combining the methods of computational social science and network science with the theories of communication studies. Her research is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, US Army Research Office, and US Army Research Lab and has been featured in leading social science journals such as the Journal of Communication; New Media & Society; Information, Communication & Society; and The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

Award for Distinguished Service
Throughout her years at Northeastern, professor Hempel has taken on significant service and leadership responsibilities in the School of Journalism, college, and university. Among her most significant contributions has been her work as a longstanding member of the faculty senate’s Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Committee, and as a member of the working group that was charged with developing a professional leave program for full-time non-tenure-track faculty, a program that will award its first fellowships for 2020-2021. In her department, Professor Hempel carries a number of service responsibilities. She has served on the School of Journalism’s Merit Review Committee since 2016, and she chaired that committee in 2018-2019.

Graduate Student Award Winners

Research and Creative Award
The first Graduate Student Research and Creative Award goes to Elizabeth Farrell. For her final project within the Master of Architecture, Elizabeth traveled to Haiti to study local issues on site. She met with representatives from government, landowners, entrepreneurs and communities to research challenging conditions. After an in-depth, hands-on ;process of critical design inquiry, the final project puts forward a vision for unified framework to meet the infrastructural challenges of living, working and learning. By providing new skills and job opportunities to Haitians, the project aims to strengthen the local economy while simultaneously bringing vitality back to a country in transition.

Research and Creative Award
The second Graduate Student Research and Creative Award goes to Estefania Ciliotta. With her Master of Fine Arts thesis, Estefania seeks to create new strategies for productive co-working. By assessing diverse design interventions, she focuses on methods to promote awareness, reflection, and respect within companies of varying size. The thesis presents three case studies using experience design research techniques such as participatory observation, interviews, cultural probes, participatory design, and workshops. A key finding of the work is that evocative objects embody cultural meaning, and can help teams build trust, empathy and collaboration through multicultural awareness.

Experiential Award
The Graduate Student Experiential Award goes to Eileen O’Grady, Master of Arts in Journalism. In her work for the Scope, a grant-funded experimental digital magazine focused on neighborhood stories of justice, hope and resilience, Eileen distinguished herself both as managing editor and a regular contributor. She edited content, assigned stories, and was instrumental in building relationships with neighborhood media partners. Among her achievements, Eileen received a microgrant to lead a team of students to create an interactive map that documents Boston landmarks that have been or could be rebranded due to their namesakes’ associations with the legacy of slavery.

Undergraduate Student Award Winners

CAMD Award
Tia is a Design Major with Concentration in Interaction Design. Her thesis focused on an Elderly technology Literacy Project, where she conducted an ethnographic study about older adults’ sense of autonomy in relation to service design concepts to support technology literacy amongst older adults. In addition to this work she was a critical member of the Second Chance Education Project, Tia explored how the human value of dignity can be used as a principle of service design and systematically integrated into the design process, focusing on the service experience of formerly incarcerated students pursuing a college degree. She has proven great ability in leading theoretical review, conceptual framing, ethnographic study, service design modeling, experience prototyping, and teamwork. Her works show intellectual problem-solving and a tireless work ethic.

CAMD Award
Kathryn Platt is an Architecture major. who has focused on the issues of accessibility. She has organized workshops having students engage with different existing tools like building codes, simulations, and starting conversations with people with physical limitations. Her organization and outreach was impactful to all who worked with her in getting people to think and respond to the issues of accessibility. Her work looks to positively effect those that create spaces and those that experience those spaces.

CAMD Award
Brooke Elowe is a Music Major with a Concentration in Music Industry. She has demonstrated exemplary work within her major while being generous and encouraging of her fellow students Brooke created a digital productivity app that stimulates creative thinking and brings artistic ideas to fruition. Encouraging, artists to not only able to remain free from distraction but also produce completed works of their own design. Her app, Free Time will foster novel ideas and by improve the overall well-being of anyone who uses with it.

CAMD Award
Asia Paloma is a Journalism Major. For her Honors in the Discipline project she chose to explore how institutions for the intellectually and developmentally disabled adopted a practice of burying their patients in unnamed graves. The depth of this discovery for Asia has been truly remarkable to witness as it spurred her to move further into this topic, in the pursuit of telling the truth about an institution – and an era – that tried to hide its disabled and mentally ill. It has also moved her to continue this kind of work, of telling the stories that history has overlooked. In her work on “Forgotten,” she has proved the resilience, the doggedness, the agility, and the creativity that reflect the best of our CAMD students.

CAMD Award
Carla Mirabal is a Theatre major with concentration in Performance. Carla excelled in the program combining her interests in Theatre and Business. She crowned her time at CAMD with a compelling performance as the Queen of Scotland. Her two co-op experiences attest to this temperament of always wanting to learn more. Her first coop at the acclaimed Huntington Theatre Company, and second coop in Madrid, Spain represents her courageous determination to make sense of her own education, far from her native Puerto Rico. She is now in the position to begun to understand the potential role she can play in the theatre, both in the US and in Puerto Rico. Carla has been involved in several student theatre groups, everything from acting to marketing. We are all looking forward to seeing how Carla and all our CAMD students will impact the world around them.

Experiential Award
Zach McCabe is a major in Media and Screen Studies and has exemplified what a positive and formative experience coop can be for Northeastern students. Zach’s first coop at New Balance enabled him to expand his creative skills to build production opportunities, he was so successful in this role he was asked to stay on after his coop to continue with the team. This success was a building block to the next coop, where Zach was able to join a creative team creating content for social media channels, he will continue in the position after graduation as a Mulitmedia Designer. Zach represents the importance and impact of experiential learning that is primary to the CAMD ethos.

Staff Award Winners

Outstanding Staff Award
Mary is the Administrative Officer in the School of Architecture and has been here at NU since 2000. Mary has demonstrated incredible versatility, skillfulness and attention to detail in managing a vast range of needs for the department. Her tendency has always been to ‘step-up’ on both the ‘small’ nuanced aspects and ‘big’ undertakings of the School while having the ability to foresee and proactively address it’s needs. Specifically, she helps administer the graduate programs, tracks the budget, runs social media and website updates, coordinates nearly all events in the School such as awards events, commencement reception, graduate open-houses; helps advise students (graduate and undergraduate), helps facilitate student visits (both announced and unannounced),manages work study students, and process all faculty support requests.

Outstanding Staff Award
Susan is the Administrative Coordinator in the School of Journalism and has been here at NU since 2000. Susan is described by many as indispensable to the School of Journalism. In the weeks before classes start, she works with returning faculty, adjuncts, and new hires. During the year there are tenure case dossiers to prepare, work-study students to supervise, budgets to run, finances to reconcile with the Dean’s Office and schedules to prepare for the next term. At the end of the year, before senior week, comes the graduating seniors and grad student reception where student accomplishments are celebrated with family and friends. At every step of the way Susan Conover is in many respects the key person involved—representing the highest standards of Journalism, Northeastern and CAMD.

Diploma Information:

Diplomas are scheduled to be mailed approximately 4-6 weeks after degrees are officially awarded by the Office of the Registrar. International mail requires an additional 1-2 week delivery time. Please note that this time frame is an estimate and is subject to change due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic. Graduates will be provided advance notice when diplomas are being mailed. Diplomas are not available for pick up on campus. Learn more on the Northeastern Commencement Website.

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