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Embodying Information

What affordances, opportunities, and challenges emerge when interpreting data through the body using dance? The Data Dance team has been working with a contemporary dance company in a series of workshops which guide participants through activities aimed at creating space for embodied engagement with data. From these workshops, the team is designing a toolkit to guide other researchers, practitioners, and communities in using movement as inquiry, approaching data together, and fostering data curiosity. Data Dance is part of the larger Data Moves project at the Co-Laboratory for Data Impact that explores participatory embodied data practice more broadly including dance, theater, and other somatic approaches.

Data Dance team members: Laura Perovich, Ilya Vidrin, Nicole Zizzi,
Data Theatre team members: Rahul Bhargava, Jesse Hinson, Amanda Brea, Victoria Palacin

Data Sonification 

This curated collection is part of a broader research endeavor in which data, sonification and design converge to explore the potential of sound in complementing other modes of representation and broadening the publics of data. With visualization still being one of the prominent forms of data transformation, we believe that sound can both enrich the experience of data and build new publics.


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COVIC Archive | Covid-19 Online Visualization Collection

COVIC is a broad multi-lingual, multi-cultural view of visualizations created during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The project classifies articles and figures in a format that is available for teaching and research purposes; contains a snapshot of information design practice during the pandemic period; illustrates the range of qualitative and quantitative visualization possibilities; preserves a persistent record of ephemeral online visualization artifacts; provides a portrait of this moment of inflection accelerating the transition from print to online; represents both a problem space — how can visualization practice be used to address this problem — and a solution space — the techniques being used at different times, in different languages, and in different contexts. If you would like access to the archive, please email the center. Team MembersPaul Kahn, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Sean Durham, Wilber Mui, Robbie Roxas, Matthew Siu, Cody Wackerman, Liuhuaying Yang, Yixuan Zhang
Students: Alison Booth, Nik Brown, Elizabeth Cory, Christian Dicker, Yinan Dong, Mayra Parrilla Guerrero, Betsy Kaeberle, Jayden Khatib, Yuke Li, Yuqing Liu, Rachel Peterson, Ha Ta, Siyue Tan, Ning Wang, Matthew Wolfinger, Zixuan Yang
PartnersDubberly Design Office

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