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BostInno: Northeastern’s Quad Will Become a Massive, Interactive Video Game Today

By Nick DeLuca

Northeastern University‘s Krentzman Quad will be transformed into a massive video game on Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. as part of the school’s graduation festivities.

Partnering with Denver-based OhHeckYeah, a company that integrates digital gaming into communities to promote engagement, Northeastern itself will become an interactive arcade and feature a number of free digital games for students and passersby to enjoy.

“OhHeckYeah is part of Northeastern University’s larger Public Art Initiative, which provides a platform for artists from all disciplines to test their creative limits on campus,” spokesperson Casey Bayer told BostInno. “Northeastern is the perfect canvas on which to display and inspire creativity, and to showcase the university’s artistic perspective: innovative, dynamic, interactive, and entrepreneurial.”

True to Northeastern’s next-generation chops, all of the games a responsive to body movement and require no devices or controllers:

  • Test drive “Graduation Day,” the brand new game developed just for this event by students in Northeastern’s game design department in collaboration with OhHeckYeah.
  • Catch the good stuff and dodge the bad playing “Catchy.”
  • Avoid robot lasers playing “TinkerBot.”

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