Exhibition – The Art of Networks III


Exhibition – The Art of Networks III

Thu, Jan 11, 2018-Mon, Mar 12, 2018 All day event International Village
Exhibition Thu, Jan 11, 2018-Mon, Mar 12, 2018
All day event International Village

We are excited to present The Art of Networks III in International Village presented in conjunction with CompleNet 2018 – 9th Conference on Complex Networks.  Don’t miss the exhibition reception in the lobby of International Village, March 7, 7pm-8pm.

We live in a data-driven environment, where data are collected and shared uninterruptedly: from traces left by our daily interactions with digital devices to the numbers routinely released by governmental agencies all over the world. Focusing on the complexity of relations within vast datasets the network sciences have provided insight into some governing principles of physical, biological, and social phenomena. Among the tools used to examine different network models and topologies are data visualizations, aiding to the understanding of complexity. In general, data visualizations can help us make sense of the data deluge by structuring data in ways that facilitate detection of patterns and trends, and ultimately, transform data into meaningful information.

The Art of Networks brings together ten visualizations representing networks in topics as diverse as migration flows, speech cognition, citations, the spreading of social messages, and housing issues in the U.S. The authors are representative of top visualization groups around the world who are producing some of the most innovative work in this area. The selected visualizations can literally open new ways of seeing and understanding relationships in the surrounding world.

The Art of Networks was organized by Isabel Meirelles, Professor, Faculty of Design at OCAD University and former Professor at Northeastern University, in collaboration with Gallery 360 and the Northeastern Center for the Arts. 


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