CAMD Class of 2022 Celebration



Congratulations to the College of Arts, Media and Design Class of 2022!

Thank you to all who joined us at Matthews Arena for our Class of 2022 Celebration. We hope you had a fun, meaningful and memorable experience.

Faculty Awards

Joseph Schwartz
Teaching Professor
Communication Studies

Professor Schwartz received the Excellence in Teaching award for his outstanding work in the Department of Communication Studies. Learn more about him here.

Michelle Carr
Senior Lecturer
Communication Studies

This award is granted annually to a faculty member whose contributions to the Department, College, and University create notable benefits to the shared environments within our community. Learn more about Professor Carr here.

Psyche Loui
Associate Professor
Department of Music

This award is granted annually to a faculty member with a track record of significant achievement that has a national and international impact. Learn more about Professor Loui here.

Student Awards

University Awards

Amanda Brea
2022, Business Administration & Theatre

Katelyn Keen
2022, Journalism

Meryl Prendergast
2022, Theatre

Taraneh Tabib-Azar
2022, Journalism & Political Science

Amanda Brea
2022, Business Administration & Theatre

Avital Brodski
2022, Environmental Science & Media and Screen Studies

Lilly Wilcox
2022, English & Communication Studies

Amanda Brea
2022, Business Administration & Theatre

Samantha Marchesi
2022, Art + Design: Design

Kathryn Minor
2022, Art + Design: Design

Cheyenne Tang
2022, Art + Design: Graphic and Information Design & Media and Screen Studies

Brandon Yap
2022, Art + Design: Design

College Awards

Anna Campbell
Journalism, MA

Anastasia Leopold
Architecture, MArch

Nathan Miner
Game Science and Design, MS

Isabella Eaton
Music, BA

Olivianne Iriarte
Design, BFA

Katherine Lucille Murrey
Communication Studies, BA

Nancy Elise Piliponis
Communication Studies & Theatre, BA

Cristina Rodero Sales
Architecture, BS

Taraneh Tabib-Azar
Journalism & Political Science, BA

Ciara McAloon
Theatre, BA

Ava Nordling
Design, BFA

Rylee Smith
Architecture, BS

Euan Zhang
Music, BA

Carla McDonough
Theatre, BA

Jaana Dominique Tabalon
Computer Science & Design, BS

Department Awards

Alpha Rho Chi Medal
Enya Xu

Ed Allen Award
Rebecca Eberlein

The AIA Medal for Academic Excellence
Matthew Miller

King Award
Nina Spellman

Bishop Award
Lauren Aquino
Alaine Bennett

Meserve Award
Catherine Clarke
Ava Nordling
Margaret Mercer
Julia May Gluyas
Hanieka Balint
Dana Saltz
Julia Schaeffler
Melissa Ellowitz
Leia Chao
Poddar Karam
Isabella Diaz
Arjun Sharma
Adrian Tarr
Ho Yu Wu
Jaana Dominique Tabalon
Victoria Verrecchia
Lauren Looney
Kathryn Minor

Neurath Award for Outstanding Design Inquiry
Qinzhe Chen

Neurath Award for Outstanding Social Relevance
Liz Kantak

Neurath Award for Outstanding Scholarship
Nathan Miner
Danya Zheng

Neal Rantoul Award
Olivianne Iriarte

Richard Katula Academic Achievement Award
Mia St. Angelo

Michael Woodnick Quality of Life Award
Katherine Lucille Murrey

Peter F. Anderson Memorial Fund
Sofia Perez Arias
Sharmila Kuthunur Gopala
Zoe Sommers

Paul E. Hirshson Byline Scholarship Fund
Starlet Baker

Jacqueline A. Kornish Memorial Scholarship Fund
Alison Booth

James M. Ragsdale Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rhyia Bibby

George A. Speers Memorial Fund (Director’s Award)
Yuriko Schumacher
Taraneh Tabib-Azar

Leonard Brown Award for Excellence in Music Performance
Lindsey Masterson
Kai Tsao

Judith Tick Award for Excellence in Music Scholarship
Isabella Eaton

Leon Janikian Award for Excellence in Music Industry
Andrew Quercio
Jodi Vuong

Dennis Miller Award for Excellence in Music Technology
Charles Stein
Emma Price

Roland Nadeau Award for Excellence in Music Co-op
Zachary Richmond

Music Award for Excellence in Creative Practice
Euan Zhang

The Eugene Blackman Award
Donovan Holt
Erin Solomon

Department of Theatre Major Minor Award
Benjamin Brotman