Co-op Stories: Christina Natoli and Admissions at EF Education

Christine Natoli is currently on her first co-op, working as an Admissions Intern at EF Education in Cambridge.  EF Education organizes cultural exchanges, educational travel, language training, and degree programs, focusing their efforts on International Education.

Christine has the wonderful opportunity to work in their Foundation for Foreign Study, which helps bring over 2,600 foreign exchange students to participate in a year abroad in the United States.  In this position she helps review the potential students dossiers to make sure that they are a great fit for the program and will succeed during their year in the United States.

“Probably the best part of this job is that in just the few months that I have been on this co-op, I have gotten to work within every department of the company, learning many different aspects which go into making the program run smoothly”.

Christine was drawn to this unique opportunity, opening her eyes to the vast possibilities for work after graduation.  Coupled with her love for travel, having taken a year off between high school and college to travel the South Pacific, this seemed to be the perfect fit for her first co-op.

“The company has also just been named one of the coolest companies in Boston, so that isn’t too shabby either!”

The environment at EF is upbeat and inviting; with a young staff and an open floor plan, you cant help but feel like part of the team.

“This week, EF is bringing the second largest Ferris wheel in the country to our park for the employees to enjoy.”

While unsure about what she wants to do after graduation, Christine is excited about all the many  possibilities.