Co-op Stories: Kendra Lee and Public Relations

Kendra Lee spent her 2nd co-op working as a Public Relations Assistant for Comcast of New England. Kendra has always had an interest in Public Relations and wanted to experience the world of Public Relations before finishing her time at Northeastern. She was drawn to the fact that this position was very hands-on, and felt that she would be able to play a real role in the day-to-day work.

Kendra was fortunate enough to have worked with some wonderful people. She worked closely with her direct supervisor as well as the Vice President of Public Relations.

“The VP of PR was in New Jersey, but I was in contact with her every day through email and sometimes on the phone. I even had the privilege of meeting her at a dinner after my co-op was over. They were all just genuinely nice, helpful, and very encouraging. Knowing I was working with a great team made it easier to wake up every morning.

“I also had the privilege of meeting Patriot’s hall of famer, Troy Brown! He was a guest at a Comcast event that I was able to attend and I got to meet him!”

After previously having a part-time co-op, this time around she was able to get a sense of what it’s like to have a full time office job. “I felt like I learned as much as I possibly could during the 6 months.” Kendrea enjoyed the PR world and is looking to continue down that path.

“Having experienced PR first hand just made my passion for PR stronger. I believe getting a hands on experience helps you realize what you do or do not like to do.”