Co-op Stories: Megan Feeley and Commonwealth Financial Network

Working as a Technical Training co-op for Commonwealth Financial Network, Megan Feeley was able to provide an end-user perspective as she worked with the company’s programs and reports, creating e-Learnings and helpful guides for the company and their clients.  These documents were then posted on the company’s advisor, client, and company web portals.

Commonwealth Financial Network, located in Waltham, MA, is a broker-dealer.  They act as a support system for financial advisors, providing them with programs and reports they can then use to work more efficiently with their own clients.

“The biggest point that drew me towards this co-op was the experience I had during my interview!  The people were so friendly and easy to talk to, and the entire workplace atmosphere seemed very comfortable and welcoming.  I’m incredibly glad I did take the job, because that is exactly how the culture of the company was, and I made great friends while gaining valuable corporate-world experience.”

After getting a chance to see the more technical side of communication, Megan promptly switched her concentration from Media Studies to Organizational Communication.

While on co-op, Megan got the opportunity to schedule, coordinate, and volunteer at a company-sponsored Blood Drive.

“It was incredibly satisfying and encouraging, being handed a task with that amount of responsibility.  I was also able to participate in a weekly service program with the elementary school down the street, where once a week on my lunch break I would read to a student who needed a little extra help.”

From the corporate culture to her wonderful colleagues (who she still keeps in touch with!), Megan felt this co-op was an amazing and positive experience.  She was able to get a feel for a corporate environment, with everything from cubicles to deadlines and dress codes.  Although still unsure of what she would like to do after graduating from Northeastern, she is confident that with a degree in Communication Studies, she will have plenty of paths to choose from.

“I enjoy writing, and editing. I love working with people. I like to volunteer and be on my feet, and I love continuously learning and expanding my knowledge base. I’m excited to see where I could end up!”