Co-op Stories: Scott Carpenter at Disney Television Animation

For Scott Carpenter, what started as a summer internship soon turned into a 6-month co-op.

Scott held a unique position with the digital/post-production department at Disney Television Animation (part of Disney Channel Worldwide), which produces animated television series, as well as films and other special projects. While in California, Scott had the opportunity to work on two animated series: Gravity Falls, and Tron: Uprising.

“I spent most days supporting the Technical Directors in my department, who were responsible for a variety of tasks during the production process including digital asset management and animation, color, and effects adjustments.”

Tron: Uprising, a science fiction television series, won Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation for Art Direction at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, and Scott earned his first on-screen credit for his work on the film.

“That credit is easily my proudest professional achievement so far.”

Having a passion for film, Scott always knew he wanted to work in the industry; he then spent his first few years at Northeastern exploring the world of entertainment. He started by joining Northeastern’s film club, and was given the opportunity to attend the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. He also did a co-op with Northeastern’s Athletics Department as a Video Producer, and interned with a luxury lifestyle company in London.

“During all that time I knew I wanted to travel to LA because of all the film and television jobs that are located there. So, for my second co-op, I set my sights on LA. I applied to as many LA-area summer internships as I could find. I eventually got a call back from Disney, interviewed for a couple of positions there, and was offered my position at DTVA.

During that summer, I worked hard on every project that came my way. I also made a point to tell my supervisors about Northeastern’s co-op program and the advantages that it offers to both students and employers. I was sure to explain that I was currently in the middle of a co-op cycle and how, if they wanted, I could continue working for them through December. They liked the idea and that’s how my summer internship turned into a six month co-op.”

The Icing on the cake was that his coworkers were great mentors. They welcomed his questions and were always helping expand his knowledge. Scott was also able to collaborate with other interns, together brainstorming ideas for a new television show. The interns then got the opportunity to pitch their show idea to the VP of Alternative Series and Specials at ABC.

“Plus, I got to go Disneyland three times that year so that was pretty cool too.”

Upon graduation, Scott plans to move back to LA in hopes of getting back into the entertainment industry, eventually writing and directing feature films. He is, however, still open to other opportunities.

“I’ve spend a lot of my time at Northeastern zeroing in on the kind of career that I want to have. My time on co-op with the Northeastern University Athletics Department taught me many things including how to produce a high-quality product and the importance of having a quality team. My time at Disney taught me more specific things about the larger entertainment industry including the many opportunities that exist in Los Angeles.

“My co-op at Disney Television Animation allowed me to network with dozens of industry professionals in both the television and film industries. I will be using the contacts that I gained during my time there to secure a job in the near future.”