Co-op Stories: Neggin Rostamnezhad and Human Resources

While in school, Neggin Rostamnezhad got the opportunity to co-op in the Human Resources department of a Financial Services company affiliated with Harvard University’s endowment.

“I had been told by my advisor that I should seek a human resources position, as she felt I would be a good fit for that type of position. So once I did some research and began job hunting, I started to find myself interested in the nature of the roles.”

This was Neggin’s second co-op and with a welcoming, friendly, supportive, and encouraging work atmosphere, this co-op became her favorite by far.

“They provided me with a lot of resources to succeed in my role and also gave me many responsibilities which I saw as a positive challenge and opportunity to learn.”

The department and the company as a whole often had bonding activities to bring everyone together and take a break from the structured work mentality. Feeling like a valuable member of the team made it a pleasure to come to work each day.

After recently graduating from Northeastern, Neggin stayed in Boston and took a job as a paralegal. Now hoping to pursue a law degree with a focus in employment law, she can look back at her co-op position with this company as a vital stepping-stone. Her experience in Human Resources helped shape her interest in employment law.