The inspiration for this gift came from their daughter Liz Tashash’s (NU Class of 2011) experience through two courses with Assistant Professor Greg Goodale. Liz’s interest in becoming an S-LTA was sparked by her experience in Political Communication. She wrote in her application:

I worked harder in this class than any other course I have taken at Northeastern University and produced a body of work that I am the most proud of by far. By the end of the semester, instead of looking forward to finishing, I was searching for a way to continue with this work. When Greg offered me the opportunity to work as his TA, I could not say no…. I not only learned about political communication in Greg’s class; I learned about what goes into teaching a college-level course, as well as what I am capable of achieving when faced with a challenge. My desire to continue with a course that has impacted my life so greatly is my reason for wanting to be Greg’s TA.

Liz served as the first S-LTA for Professor Goodale’s Advocacy Workshop course in the spring 2010 and helped to not only mentor her peers through their service-learning projects with The Home for Little Wanderers, but also helped to shape the course for students in semesters to come. Liz’s experience led Mr. and Mrs. Tashash to wish for their gift to support other Communication Studies students in having the opportunity to engage in an experience as impactful as their daughter’s.

The Tashash Family fund will aid in cultivating student leaders through service-learning courses for many semesters to come. We are grateful to the Tashash family for their dedication to student success, academic excellence, and community engagement through Service- Learning and Communication Studies at Northeastern!

Past Recipients


Maria Sofia Soto Casado

Shelby Sih
Amanda Schwartz
Lauren MacLean