Declare a Major/Minor

Students must email to make changes to their major/minor.

Create a Combined Major

Use the Combined Major Approval Form for new student-requested combined majors.

Create a Half Major

By combing two half majors, students can create their own unique major using our Half-Major-Template.

Take a Directed Study

Undergraduate Directed Study Registration Form

Course Audit

Full-time Northeastern students (registered for 16 credits at the undergraduate level) may, with permission, Petition to Audit one class per term with no additional charge. Permission is based on the availability of a seat in the class and is at the discretion of the instructor and college.
First-year undergraduate students may not audit classes.
Audits carry no academic credit and do not appear on the official transcript.

Take a course Pass/Fail

Prior to submitting a Petition to Elect Pass/Fail Grade, please carefully review Pass/Fail policies and procedures.

Register for a Course

During the official add period, all forms should be processed at the college dean’s office or at the office of the department offering the course.
The Late Course Registration Form is accepted at the Office of the Registrar only after the official add period has ended.

Drop a Course

The Course Drop Form
 must be received and signed by the Registrar’s Office before 4:30 PM on the last day to drop a class.

Special Student

Students who are not enrolled at Northeastern University may petition the college student services office to take courses on a semester-by-semester basis by using the Undergraduate Special Student Form. Approval is based on the student’s academic qualifications and on the availability of class space.

Transfer Credit

Undergraduate Petition to Transfer Credit

Reduce Course Load

Students who are normally enrolled full-time at Northeastern University may petition the college student services office to take less than a full-time (12 semester hours in a full semester, 6 semester hours in a summer half semester) by using the 
Undergraduate Petition to Reduce Load form.

Leave of Absence

Students who wish to take a leave of absence are encouraged to apply for the leave by filling out the General Leave of Absence petition with their college one month prior to the start of the effective semester. The usual limit for a leave of absence is for one or one and a half academic semesters (a semester plus a half semester).

Final Exam Scheduling Conflict

Use the Final Exam Conflict Form
 if you have a conflict in your final exam schedule due to one of the following reasons: Three exams scheduled in one day or… Two exams scheduled at the same time.
 For any other reason, you must negotiate directly with your instructor.