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Film Premiere: “Journey with the Giant”

Journey with the Giant
Documentary by alumnus, James I. Gabbe, ’66, English
Unprecedented View of China’s Rise to Global Stardom
March 21, 2013 @ 5:30 p.m. New Visitor Center, West Village F
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Journey with the Giant, a new and boldly unprecedented documentary film by James Isaiah Gabbe, focuses on these and other critical questions about China that have become central to U.S. political discourse and have profound implications for the world. Traveling beneath the radar as a tourist, Gabbe presents an intimate, unvarnished, unsanctioned exploration of the land about which Napoleon may have said: “There lies a sleeping giant. Let it sleep, for when it awakes, it will shake the world.”

Gabbe filmed in nearly 20 locations, from the commercial fever of Hong Kong and Shanghai to top-of-the world mysteries of Tibet and into Tiananmen Square, nervous ruling center of the People’s Republic. Journey with the Giant enters the daily life of factory workers, teachers, merchants, tourists, clerics and the like, showing the extraordinary scope of change in that vast country and revealing how the Chinese feel about their frenetic new world and the communist party’s autocratic leadership.


Thu, Mar 21, 2013

5:30 pm-8:00 pm


New Visitor Center