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Aims to study and increase your level of proficiency in group interaction. Instructs in small group decision-making processes, problem-solving, and the interpersonal dynamics of groups. Students develop skills in working with and in a variety of small groups. Topics include communication dynamics, systems thinking, dialogue, conflict management, leadership, power, teams, and learning organizations.

Explores the multiple and complicated ways in which our lives and ways of thinking are impacted by what things we decide to keep and how we organize access to them, i.e., storage. Using readings, podcasts, short films, and TV shows, the course uses the idea of storage to explore the Cloud and other contemporary media “containers” and what the future of storage holds as we try to find space and time to store and retrieve our data, memories, clothes, food, and more. Exploring these containers raises important questions and concerns about the social consequences of buying things (accumulation and consumption) and a general cultural anxiety about information overload, as well as issues related to gender, class, the economy, the environment, organization, and knowledge.