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3XR Hosts Lunch & Learn at Northeastern!

3XR is hosting a Lunch & Learn at Northeastern!

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 16th, 12PM-1PM

Location: Animation Lab (Ryder 301)

Please join 3XR to learn about:

  • Our company! 3XR is a Boston-based start-up in the XR space. Learn about who we are

and what we do

  • Learn about new 3D modeling techniques, specifically:

○ Blender

○ Photogrammetry

○ Optimizing for AR/VR/Web

○ Procedural Materials

  • Learn about possible career opportunities with 3XR, both during school and


○ Part-time and full-time

○ While you are a student or working at another job

  • Lunch will be provided at the event!

We hope to see you there!


What is 3XR?

The 3XR team is launching a global marketplace – in its future, mature state, 3D models can be

requested by any customer and a 3D artist anywhere in the world can choose a model to create

on their own time. Our initial step in building out the 3XR platform is to develop model creation

capability for the artist side of the marketplace.

Therefore, 3XR is seeking to form unique partnerships with institutions that are on the forefront

of the XR movement. A few notes about what partners can expect from 3XR:

  • Artists will be provided with free training materials and modules that will help them excel

and continue to learn in this space.

○ 3XR is interested in learning from institutions how we can support curriculums,

and what types of training is in the highest demand and interest to students.

  • Artists will have the opportunity to build their own, unique portfolios within 3XR.
  • Artists will have the opportunity to produce models for a worldwide client base – products

requested by our clients will be diverse in nature, which will allow artists to learn a variety

of techniques, applicable to meet many different customer demands.

  • Artists will get paid for work completed on 3XR.

○ This program is also open to alumni networks, who have the opportunity to make

this a full time opportunity, if desired.

We are quickly growing! 3XR is hoping to onboard 50 3D artists by the end of this year. We

recently hosted our first onboarding with 10 external artists at our Wakefield, MA headquarters.

Our first group is a mix of students and alumni from local university networks. The first training

was successful and we are officially in pilot mode with the Alpha platform with these initial

artists. Our plan with future artist onboarding will be to onboard new artists remotely –

attendance in Wakefield will not be required.

A bit more about the 3XR team: The 3XR founding team consists of XR evangelists and tech

alumni from Wayfair – we also have four full-time 3D artists, helping to support as we build out


Check out some samples of our latest work at