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Active Listening – Experiencing and Visualizing Sound

In our visual society, we often forget the fundamental role of hearing. Unlike our eyes, our ears are constantly on and capture information 360 degrees. Visual observation emphasizes the distance between spectator and object, but listening puts us in the center. However, we have a nascent understanding of the sounds of everyday environments, spaces, and activities. Regardless, the auditory experience deeply affects our emotions, orientation, and sense of place. This collaborative workshop for CAMD students and faculty explores the role of sound and hearing as an information medium. We investigate opportunities for artists, designers, and scholars to take advantage of auditory phenomena as a mode of information acquisition, data exploration, and storytelling.

However, the many facets of auditory culture have to be experienced, not just read or discussed. Therefore, our workshop will offer an experiential introduction of the many possibilities of sound for film and media.

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