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Adrian Gropper – Blockchains, Self-Sovereign Technology, and the End of Data Brokerage

The Web has brought us surveillance capitalism and data brokerage. Google, Uber, Acxiom, Optum, and Surescripts along with much of banks and real estate brokers, all ad networks, dating services, and medical data brokers are now extracting $Trillions by mining your personal data. These intermediaries are a significant tax on actual producers and on innovation. Blockchains as a peer-to-peer technology are inspiring increasingly sophisticated self-sovereign technologies for managing your personal data yourself. We will discuss emerging standards for self-sovereign identity and technology with examples from healthcare.

Adrian Gropper is CTO of the non-profit Patient Privacy Rights foundation where he brings training as an engineer from MIT and physician from Harvard Medical School followed by a career as a medical device entrepreneur. His work for PPR is to represent the interest of physicians and patients in the technology standards and policies that are an ever growing part of our lives. Adrian consults on privacy engineering with projects ranging from the open source Nightscout medical device community to the US Postal Service.

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