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AI, Media & the Threat to Democracy

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Join our award-winning journalists, innovative scholars and practitioners for a conference on the impact of AI on democracy.

Artificial intelligence is a potent force in media for both good and evil. It is used both to spread disinformation through social media platforms – yet also used to is combat the spread of “fake news” and for more benign purposes, such as connecting readers to content they like.

Yet most people have only the dimmest of ideas what AI is. They may have an inkling it is somehow tied to the spread of Russian disinformation and “fake news.” Commentators talk ominously about its corrosive effect on democracy.

For all that, the influence of AI is growing in fields ranging from journalism to law, from business to teaching. What will its effect be on media and democracy? How much of a threat to democracy does AI represent? Join our distinguished speakers and panelists in a broad-ranging discussion of the issues.

Matt Carroll, Professor of the Practice, School of Journalism
Aleszu Bajak, Graduate Programs Manager, School of Journalism
Meg Heckman, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism
Woodrow Hartzog, Professor of Law and Computer Science
David Lazer, Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Computer and Information Science

Sponsored by the Northeastern University College of Arts, Media and Design, Northeastern’s School of Journalism, the Northeastern College of Computer and Information Science, and the Northeastern School of Law.