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AIAS Non-Traditional Practices in Architecture Lecture Series: Joana Torres of Oficina Design

AIAS is hosting a  “Non-Traditional Practices in Architecture” lecture series! If you are interested in the work of non-profits in the architecture field, join us to learn from Joana Torres from Oficina Design to learn from her experience and ongoing work. Oficina Design, a non-profit organization, has developed social impact projects in diverse regions such as Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica and USA. Each project engages the local communities to participate in the design and construction of buildings that are safe and sustainable, beautiful and contextual. Join Joana Torres, founder of Oficina Design and director of Konbit Shelter in Haiti, as she shares with us her experience in a non-profit that designs and builds spaces to live, play and work that empower societies, enrich their sense of identity and care for the environment.