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Alan Hassenfeld, Hasbro Toys

Conversations at CAMD with Richard Saul Wurman and Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Hasbro, Inc.

Alan Hassenfeld, former Chairman of the Board and present Chairman of the Executive Committee of Hasbro, Inc. a multi billion dollar international toy company.  Under his leadership, Hasbro has become a worldwide leader in children’s and family entertainment.  Its brands and products are some of the most recognizable and respected throughout the world.

Alan is a business leader with a passion for philanthropy.  His far reaching impact has crossed local, regional, national and international borders. From the beginning of his career, he has been involved in literally hundreds of charitable and social causes.  His enthusiasm and spirit has touched the lives of millions of people – and impacted communities across the world.  Whether he is fighting for the human rights of manufacturing workers in Asia or coexistence in the Middle East, his energy and guidance always provide positive results.

Alan believes in active leadership.  Through his charitable work and foundation participation, he has the ability to stay involved in hundreds of community, social and political causes.  These include primarily children’s issues, social responsibility, political reform, and social entrepreneurship.  His goal is always to focus on what can be done better and what needs to be developed in order to establish foundations for future success.  The goal of the family foundation is to be a catalyst for positive change and collaboration.

Mr. Hassenfeld has been honored many times for his efforts.  His awards come from diverse organizations including universities, charitable organizations, political and religious communities as well as corporate institutes.  Many are lifetime awards – which is a reflection of his beliefs.  Alan has focused much time throughout his life on issues and concerns throughout the world.  He has used his position as Chairman of the Executive Committee at Hasbro to break barriers and build foundations, positively affecting the lives of people across the world.

Mr. Hassenfeld has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  He holds nine honorary degrees from prestigious universities around the world, and has been elected to four Halls of Fame.  He lives in Rhode Island, USA with his wife of 25 years.

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Richard Saul Wurman

Founder of the TED conference, Richard Saul Wurman, Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Design in the College of Arts, Media and Design at Northeastern University, has curated this series of improvisational one-to-one conversations with some of the world’s most fascinating thinkers, doers & intellectual leaders. Mr. Wurman describes these improvisational conversations as a form of “intellectual jazz.”