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Anna Huang – from Google’s Machine Learning Team

Anna Huang, from Google’s Machine Learning Team, has offered to present a talk on music and machine learning. Anna is on the team that developed the Bach Google Doodle that appeared March 21. Drop by for this talk and ask whatever questions you may have about music and machine learning, working at Google, and creativity research.


Anna Huang is currently an AI Resident on the Magenta project at Google Brain, working on generative models for music. She has just defended last week her PhD in computer science at Harvard University. She designed the machine learning model Coconet that powered Google’s Bach doodle this past March. She has published first-author papers at machine learning, human-computer interaction, and music conferences such as ICLR, IUI and ISMIR. She was a recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and the Josephine de Karman Fellowship. She spent a year as a visiting research student in the Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA) at the Université de Montréal. The summer before, she interned at a music startup called MuseAmi. She has won Best Hack at the Hack Audio and Music Research (HAMR) hackathon, lead workshop at Music Education Hackathon (as part of the Monthly Music Hackathon NYC series). Her compositions have won awards including first place in the San Francisco Choral Artists’ New Voice project. She holds a masters in media arts and sciences from the MIT Media Lab, a B.S. in computer science and B.M. in music composition, both from the University of Southern California. She grew up in Hong Kong, where she learned to play the guzheng.