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Block Party – Northeastern Stands Together Against Harassment

Join us on Northeastern’s Centennial Common as we celebrate women, the empowering art of Tatyana Fazlaizadeh and take a stand against harassment of all kinds. Tatyana’s Stop Telling Women to Smile public art project is leading the effort to end the street harassment of women and LGBTQ people. Tatyana will be there wheat pasting a new Stop Telling Women to Smile artwork onto the façade of the Latino/a Student Cultural Center and there will be live performances of all kinds. Let’s come together to make our campus & the world a safer place. 

Please stay for the panel discussion Public Art, Public Policy: And Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Title IX and the Clery Act.

Read all about this project:

Huntington News: Artist in residence spreads social awareness
News@Northeastern: Art’s power to promote social change

2:00pm – Wheatpaste with Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
2:30pm – Girls LEAP Demo
2:45pm – Brandon Pascua, solo guitar
3:15pm – Tori Oggiono – Antingone Monologue
3:30pm – Girls LEAP Demo
3:34pm – Suzie Kim
4:15pm – Stephanie Eiseman, spoken word
4:30pm – Girls LEAP Demo
4:45pm – Brandon Pascua, solo guitar

Ongoing: Chalking and photo-booth with Hollaback! Boston and Bystander Intervention Demos by Acting Out.


College of Arts, Media and Design
Communication Studies
Cindy Diggs, Peace Boston & Respect! Challenge 2014
Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
Northeastern University Center of Community Service
Northeastern University Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
Hollaback! Boston
Northeastern University Student Life
Northeastern Violence, Support, Intervention and Outreach Network (ViSION)
Northeastern University Student Affairs
LGBTQA Resource Center
Latino/a Student Cultural Center
Asian American Center
Social Justice Resource Center
Girls LEAP
Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Generation Citizen
Northeastern Housing and Residential Life
Social Impact Lab
Strong Women Strong Girls
Acting Out