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Book Launch for Cybernetics: State of the Art

Please join us in the CAMD Interdisciplinary Research Lab (171 Holmes Hall) at 4pm on December 14th to celebrate the launch of Cybernetics: State of the Art. The event will feature conversations with some of the book’s contributors: Kristian Kloeckl, Northeastern University; Omar Khan, University of Buffalo; Paul Pangaro, College for Creative Studies in Detroit; and Liss C. Werner, Technical University Berlin. Each were participants in the Berlin Conference that is the basis for the book, and Liss Werner is the book’s editor.
During the last decade, cybernetics awakened from its Snow-White sleep, ready to be understood, embraced, and established as a science for design. The panel of contributors will review and preview the relevance of cybernetics to strategies for designing in our increasingly entangled world. Digital communication, conversational interfaces, “Big Data”, and machine learning are becoming the default state, which we are struggling to apply to our anthropocenic, technospheric world.
From Norbert Wiener’s seminal volume and the trans-disciplinary conversations of the 1940s, to the potent models of and for cybernetics by Ross Ashby, Stafford Beer, Gordon Pask, and Buckminster Fuller – but to mention a few – Cybernetics: State of the Art dives into past, present, and future applications for architecture and design as foundational to all human-machine interfaces. The collection of chapters brings together long-standing cyberneticians, architects, and designers. The book and this event’s conversations offer cybernetics as instrument of a strategy for “the design of design.”
We hope to see you there!
‘Cybernetics: state of the art’, published by Technical University Berlin Press, is first volume of the book-series ‘CON-VERSATIONS, founded by Liss C. Werner and Raoul Buschoten.
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