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Building Urban Environment Across Disciplines with Dan Adams: Design Museum Morning

Join us along with Northeastern Architecture professor Dan Adams of Landing Studio for an in-depth exploration of ecological architecture and its cause for connection between disciplines. Presented in collaboration with the Design Museum Boston, this presentation kicks off at 9:00 am on September 15th at Northeastern University’s ISEC Auditorium, Room 102, and will feature audience Q&A, coffee, breakfast, and plenty of great design discussion. 

Traditionally, object-based architecture has engaged with trades, crafts, and engineers. What are the new disciplinary relationships of an ecologic architecture? September’s Design Museum Morning will explore this transition in architecture and how it requires interdisciplinary study and practice.

The more we are aware of our collective environmental impacts, the more we are challenged to change architectural practice from designing discrete buildings or cities to designing one interconnected environment. This ecologic conception of architecture adds connections and flows to the existing palette of architecture: space, form, and material – and new questions emerge- Where does architecture come from and where does it go? What systems are we shaping when we build a city?

The Design team on Underground at Ink Block/ Infra-Space 1 project includes:
Dan Adams + Marie Law Adams: Landing Studio and Northeastern School of Architecture
Alysoun Wright: Northeastern School of Architecture  M.Architecture graduate 2014
Ryan Gagnebin: Northeastern School of Architecture  BS.Architecture graduate 2015
Kelley Johnson: Northeastern School of Architecture  BS.Architecture graduate 2015


Infra-Space Initiative images