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Center for Design Conversation 2022

Designing Dance: Embodiment, Ephemerality, and Experience

Dance is polysemic and pluralistic, referring to a broad range of embodied practices that often create confusion as to what dance is, what dance can do, what it can mean, and what purpose(s) it serves. This panel of choreographers will introduce methodologies of choreographic thinking that trouble visual dominance in favor of inner, kinesthetic experience and illuminate distinctions in designing in, through, and for the body. Our aim is to showcase how dance may correspond with the more familiar methodologies of design thinking and inform the exploration of embodied experiences through somatic practices. Choreographic perspectives will touch upon ideas of social justice, collective memory, community building, technology, interaction design, surveillance, robotics, and more.


Lauren Bedal spent the last 7 years in Silicon Valley designing digital and physical products. She currently works at Google ATAP, a R&D lab composed of engineers, scientists, and designers that research emerging technologies. Outside of Google work, she’s founded @syncopated.objects – a research studio that experiments with movement visualization techniques.


Jessica Roseman studied Dance and African American Studies with Honors at Wesleyan University. Roseman’s community based dance project NOURISH helps people to sense, feel, and move better. A New England States Touring Artist, Jessica performs, teaches, and lectures nationally.

Sydney Skybetter is a choreographer. Hailed by the Financial Times as “One of the world’s foremost thinkers on the intersection of dance and emerging technologies,” Sydney’s choreography has been performed at such venues as The Kennedy Center, Jacob’s Pillow and The Joyce Theater.