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Change Worlds by Inventing New Ones: Designing a Game to Fight Bias in Creative Collaboration

Miranda Banks, Associate Professor of Visual & Media Arts, Emerson College

Sam Liberty, Game Designer and Part-Time Faculty, Northeastern University

Room at the Top is a massively multiplayer live card game for groups from 12-120 people in which players take on the role of interplanetary media-makers competing to win the top prize in an intergalactic media festival. The purpose of the game is to teach players to recognize their own implicit bias, challenge assumptions about power in teamwork, and encourage the formation and cultivation of diverse teams.

The designers of Room at the Top will be working with games faculty member Celia Pearce and CATLR through a grant from Northeastern’s Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion to pilot Room at the Top in Northeastern’s game program in Fall of 2019, as well as providing optional training to other CAMD faculty. In this talk, the designers will discuss the research and design strategies that went into making the game, the creative decision to set it in an imaginary world, and the outcomes of prior runs of the game.

This event is free and open to the public.