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Christine Vachon

Emmy Award-winning Producer Christine Vachon

Christine Vachon and fellow New York producer Pamela Koffler currently run Killer Films, which was established in 1996. The company celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2005 and was honored with a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Her first feature “Poison” (written and directed by Academy Award nominee Todd Haynes) won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 1991. Since that initial success Christine has worked on more than 70  noteworthy films, including “I Shot Andy Warhol,” “Happiness,” “Kids,” “One Hour Photo” and “Boys Don’t Cry.” Through her enduring relationship with Todd, she has worked on every feature film of his to date, including “Safe,” “Velvet Goldmine,” “Far From Heaven,” and “I’m Not There,” which starred Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Julianne Moore, and Michelle Williams. Cate Blanchett received both Academy Award and SAG Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress, and the film was also nominated for 4 Independent Spirit Awards, notching a Best Supporting Actress win for Cate Blanchett. In 2008, Christine won an Emmy for her role as executive producer for the TV adaptation of Ira Glass’s This American Life.

Chirstine Vachon’s visit is part of Bill Lancaster’s Business of Entertainment class in Communication Studies.