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Cuba, Through the Lens: Dialogue of Civilizations

Northeastern Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

A new public art exhibition brings images from the streets of Cuba to the streets of Boston

Join us as we celebrate student photography from Dialogue of Civilizations in Cuba. There will be Cuban food and a Cuba-inspired playlist curated by CAMD student Emma Kurman-Faber.

Led by Art & Design Professors Luis Brens and Dana Mueller, the Dialogue of Civilizations in Cuba, also known as Photo Cuba, gives students the opportunity to live, study and experience the culture of Cuba.

 The four-week dialogue features two classes, one class is focused on cultural history, with particular attention paid to the visual arts, music and architecture and the second class is a hands-on photography class.

“So much of Cuban life hap­pens out on the street, be it a soccer game or a music fes­tival or just neigh­bors talking to one another at the end of the day,” Brens said. “There was very little rejec­tion toward our stu­dents, which was great — our stu­dents could walk down the street and pho­to­graph what­ever they wanted.”

This exhibition is the first collaboration between the College of Arts, Media and Design’s photography program and the Northeastern Public Art Initiative. One photograph from each student who participated in the Cuba Dialogue was selected for the external facing windows of Northeastern’s building West Village H and will be visible on Huntington Ave. This public art exhibition brings images from the streets of Cuba to Boston’s Avenue of the Arts.

Partners: Northeastern Center for the ArtsArt + Design, Northeastern University Public Art Initiative

Feature Photo by Marco Benegas-Flores

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